December 14, 2008

Women and weapons

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Very few publications have dealt with this argument yet, but just going to any polygon, women who are about to learn the art of shooting, are rising continuously. Some movies of the last years have contributed to this increase, giving the idea of sexy women who defense themselves from evil or just fight, with no difference from men (Kill Bill, Tomb Raider, Wanted, Domino,  are only few of them,  maybe the best-known). Also, today many girls want to become Guardia Particolare Giurata (GPG) or, anyway, to work in the field of security. For them, the better size of a gun is definitely the 9×21.

Here we can mention two models of Italian guns which could easily be handled by a girl.


Designed by the indications of police officers, it summarizes the best of Tanfoglio production. Some features: long plastic stem, security lever and disarmament on the trolley, Novak sight rear. Better handling and possibility of mounting torches and lasers.

Tanfoglio Police


 The lines of the new Px4 Storm are designed to enhance the power, handling, performance, reliability always in a sign of original and refined aesthetics. The extensive use of fiberglass-reinforced engineering made it possible to develop a weapon light and technically advanced and simultaneously give it a modern, ergonomic and extremely appealing line. The engineering also offers a total resistance to corrosion and ensures the conservation of color. The grip offers an ideal angle for pointing the weapon instinctively, which allows an automatic detecting of the firing line. Both the front and back part of the grip have a great aesthetic impact, and a great efficiency even in wet conditions.The weapon can also be adapted to different types of hands, even small ones.

Beretta Px4

Beretta Px4 Storm