November 28, 2008

Armed Banks Campaign

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Surfing on the Internet, I ended up to read an interesting article about support of weapons export by banks. I discovered entire sites about this topic and the existence of a huge movement called “Campagna Banche Armate” (Armed Banks Campaign).  It recently denounced a serious and undue review of the Relation about weapons export. This report comes from the father Alex Zanotelli (director of Mosaico di Pace), father Nicola Colasuonno (of Missione Oggi) and father Franco Moretti (Nigrizia), who asked the Presidency of Council to publish the indications of the single operations authorized by the Ministry of Economy and Finance to the Credit Institutes about weapons export in 2007.

It’s a list (called “Riepilogo in dettaglio suddiviso per Istituti di Credito) requested by the law 185 of 1990 which controls the field and it is necessary to know the monetary value, the foreign opposing party of operations authorized by banks and to know the correspondence between authorizations released by the Department of Treasure and those ones released by Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Without this report we could only know the monetary value of the operations, but we would be completely unaware of which countries are currently making business with Italian production of weapons and this would also place all the banks to the same level , as responsible in weapons trading.

Thanks to that list, in the past, we got to know some important informations: for example, in 2006, the payment for 8 helicopters AW139 sold by Agusta to United Arab Emirates (value of 66 million Euros) was made through the Banco di Brescia (now UBI Banca); in 2006, also, Agusta entrusted Banca Intesa (now Intesa-Sanpaolo) with the collection for selling 4 helicopters CH47C (value of 58,9 million Euros). Some months later, these groups became more restrictive and decided to interrupt all the services which would have supported the arms trade. But nowadays, without the official report, they can’t see the official document released by the Ministry which could certificate their new positions. 


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