October 18, 2008

Beretta SO10: the aesthetic beauty of weapons

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When we talk about weapons, we all first think to their terrifying (and even fascinating) connection with death and fear. But recently I asked to myself: can a gun be even an expression of beauty and aesthetic elegance?

I got the answer as soon as I saw a picture of the Beretta SO10. Not only an instrument of defence/attack, but a true object of design in which you can notice high aesthetic taste and luxury quality.

The famous Beretta SO series hunting and competition shotguns have earned their reputation for being the most functional, elegant and exclusive over-and-unders in the world.
The new SO10 over-and-under is a synthesis of aesthetic refinement, function and performance that place it at the peak of the world’s prestigious over-and-under offerings.  

The receiver of the Beretta SO10 over-and-under blends elegantly with the classic tapered external profile of the Beretta barrels. The top moldings have been gracefully slimmed to offer the best lateral vision during aiming.


The absence of pins and screws on the surface of the receiver let the master engraver a complete freedom in expressing his full creativity. The polishing of the surfaces is done entirely by hand. 


The internal mechanism of the side plates is embellished by a fine hand-engraving inspired by the same motif of the external decoration. The final result is a genuine jewel.

The top lever has been elongated and positioned closer to the breech face to make  the opening of the barrels smoother.  The absence of a retaining screw on the top lever has given a wider surface that can be engraved.

The extended trigger guard is manufactured from a solid block of steel. Encased within the grip, it adds a further touch of elegance to the shotgun.

The slender and elegant fore-end is further embellished by the newly designed fore-end catch lever with hidden retaining screws.



Beretta team operates in perfect synergy and with a common goal:  to realize a classic shotgun that is also modern, aesthetically superior, lightweight, perfectly balanced and capable of guaranteeing impeccable performance for generations to come.

The walnut wood used to craft the stock and fore-end is carefully singled out  for its grain quality, color and strength. Then, the stock-maker works only with his skill and his ability with the age-old tools. The checkering of the wooden parts is also handmade and provides a functional anti-slip grip surface. Lastly come polishing with repeated coats of oil or wax applied by hand to enhance the grain, color and brightness of the wood.

The exquisite engravings that decorate the Beretta SO10 over-and-under are completely hand executed by highly qualified master engravers. The customers can choose one of the six different engraving patterns; and when this work of art is completed, the engraver’s signature guarantees the status of the shotgun as a unique expression of the gun-maker’s art. 

Beretta SO10 is the proof that a jewel could be also something to be grasped, not only an expression of luxury to be worn. 


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