October 15, 2008

FAR System by Tanfoglio

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Some of my friends are very fond of weapons and I recently asked them a new nice argument for this blog. They suggested me to visit the website of Tanfoglio (www.tanfoglio.it). I already knew this brand of gun manufacturing because its products are very famous in sport competitions and for personal defense. Tanfoglio is a factory located in Gardone Val Trompia (Brescia), Italy, and is mainly well-known for its broad sport pistols catalog. Tanfoglio firearms are sold in Europe, but are also imported into US and Australia.

Surfing on the website you can obviously have a general view of the catalog and a general look of the history of the brand. But what I was most interested in was the article about a new technology discovered and developed right by Tanfoglio: FAR System, which was patented by the Italian architect Antonio Cudazzo.  

FAR System is a new concept about the munitions for semi-automatic guns. It’s really a system, not only a series of new calibers. We can describe it as munitions with bottoms of shells much thicker than they usually are.

This lets a normal gun with geometric closure of Browning-Petter turn into a gun with a mass closure, without any mechanic bonds between barrel and shutter. This way, the bullet can leave the barrel with fewer pressures.

caliber 9mm FAR, same technical and dimensional features of the model COMBAT

FAR 2000:caliber 9mm FAR, same technical and dimensional features of the model COMBAT

The benefits in FAR System are substantially a higher speed, a better ballistic precision and a higher reliability in functioning.  


I described this new system because it was interesting to notice that the external design of the guns wasn’t modified by Tanfoglio, but an internal modification of technology led the company to be extremely innovating; this series of 9 and 10mm firearms is so the first in the world in using this extraordinary system to get a higher efficiency in the research of perfection.


The FAR LIMITED 2000 has got the same technical and dimensional features of the COMBAT model; it's a caliber 9mm FAR

FAR LIMITED 2000: caliber 9mm FAR, same technical and dimensional features of the model LIMITED CUSTOM HC


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