October 11, 2008


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Super Lynx 300

Super Lynx 300


When I first thought of an Italian excellence in production of weapons, I had on my mind the imagine of AgustaWestland helicopters.

Agusta S.p.a. is an Italian aeronautical factory which works in the production of helicopters and convertiplanes. It was founded by Giovanni Agusta, a pioneer in aviation, in 1923; and its registered office is in Cascina Costa, near Varese.

AugustaWestland was born in 2000 by the fusion of Agusta and GKN-Westland Helicopters.  Now it is totally controlled by Finmeccanica group. It is famous all over the world and it makes business with many governments to improve their military services.

Recently it signed a contract of 260 million euros with Qatar Armed Forces for the supply of 18 helicopters AW139. They will support the corps in missions like transport of troops, research and help, borders patrolling, operations of special corps and for national security.

Besides, we can mention an important order of 51 helicopters Agusta A129 Mangusta for the Turkey Army, in the new and national version T129 Erdogan.  

Apache AH MK1

Apache AH MK1

And one of the latest orders for the company is the US101, the version of the helicopter EH101 for Northern America. The White House ordered a super-personalized version, which will transport the President of the United States in 2009. The Pentagon wanted the helicopter to undergo more than 800 modifications from the old aircraft proposed by Lockeed and Finmeccanica in 2005.



It is a proven product, representing the lowest risk solution to the President, the US101 is a modern military helicopter equipped with triple-redundant systems , including three powerful engines, and the capacity for further capability growth over time.

 To get more infos about the products of the factory, visit the websites:





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