December 14, 2008

Women and weapons

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Very few publications have dealt with this argument yet, but just going to any polygon, women who are about to learn the art of shooting, are rising continuously. Some movies of the last years have contributed to this increase, giving the idea of sexy women who defense themselves from evil or just fight, with no difference from men (Kill Bill, Tomb Raider, Wanted, Domino,  are only few of them,  maybe the best-known). Also, today many girls want to become Guardia Particolare Giurata (GPG) or, anyway, to work in the field of security. For them, the better size of a gun is definitely the 9×21.

Here we can mention two models of Italian guns which could easily be handled by a girl.


Designed by the indications of police officers, it summarizes the best of Tanfoglio production. Some features: long plastic stem, security lever and disarmament on the trolley, Novak sight rear. Better handling and possibility of mounting torches and lasers.

Tanfoglio Police


 The lines of the new Px4 Storm are designed to enhance the power, handling, performance, reliability always in a sign of original and refined aesthetics. The extensive use of fiberglass-reinforced engineering made it possible to develop a weapon light and technically advanced and simultaneously give it a modern, ergonomic and extremely appealing line. The engineering also offers a total resistance to corrosion and ensures the conservation of color. The grip offers an ideal angle for pointing the weapon instinctively, which allows an automatic detecting of the firing line. Both the front and back part of the grip have a great aesthetic impact, and a great efficiency even in wet conditions.The weapon can also be adapted to different types of hands, even small ones.

Beretta Px4

Beretta Px4 Storm




November 29, 2008

Rifle and lipstick: Sarah Palin.

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Sarah Palin

Sarah Louise Heath Palin was born in Sandpoint, Idaho, on february 11th, in 1964. Married and mother of five children, she’s governor of Alaska since 2006, president of Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, member of the National Rifle Association (association pro-weapons), fond of outdoor life and elk hamburgers. She’s an outsider, a politician against abortion but in favor of death penalty.

After the election of Barack Obama as the new president of the United States, apart all the possible considerations about the American campaign and the defeat of John McCain, the Palin phenomenon deserves a thorough examination as emblematic figure of our time: the emergence of women active in right-wing politics with a strong populist appeal. In Italy we have people in some way such as Daniela Santanché and Micaela Vittoria Brambilla, which combine some elements similar. Young women, strong language, physically attractive, while expression of femininity extremely conservative and traditional, but also new elements. Dynamic women who work outside the home but do appeal to a set of traditional values that have generally seen the opposition of the women’s movement (as for Palin, no to abortion, yes to the port of weapons and to a bellicose foreign policy). The famous photo of Palin in a brief stars and striped bikini embracing a rifle is emblematic. The Palin expresses a number of qualities that have a fascination for the American voter. She’s from Alaska, which is the last frontier of the United States and evokes a time when the United States was the border. The Alaska is the last refuge of the strong which knows how to handle a rifle to use against wolves and bears and creates united communities, far from centers of power.

On the one hand Sarah Palin is the pioneer past, but is also a woman modern and strong. Earns more than her husband and spends half the week in the capital governing the state of Alaska while her husband takes care of the children at home. Nevertheless, claiming the importance of traditional family. It is very feminine, even sexy, but is also strong and aggressive. Paradoxically, it is easier for right-wing women to manage prejudices about women in politics. Research shows that voters have a range of stereotypes both positive and negative on women in politics. On the one hand, they think they are more honest and brave on social issues, health, education, but also believe that men, being harder, are more reliable in foreign policy and economy. The women of the right, however, can more easily overcome this ambivalence. Representing a number of positions of extreme right, they show to be hard, but are still seen as more compassionate and honest. The right-wing woman can afford to be feminine and sexy, because her policy statements are viewed as “masculine”.

The comment you most hear from supporters of Sarah Palin is that she gived the ‘idea of being real, concrete, the kind of person you can imagine to see at the meeting of parents in school. In pre-television era, parties used to choose candidates from the cultured elite and the voters didn’t expect them to be like them. The trend today is towards a “non-mediated” politics, in which the sense of personal identification has assumed primary importance. The Americans are very uncomfortable in front of candidates who show off their culture causing in voters a sense of inferiority.

Sarah Palin, in her famous speech of acceptance, did almost no reference to politics, talking only of values and her personal identity: “In our small towns grow good people. I grew up with them. They are the ones that make the hardest works of America, they grow what we eat, carry on our factories, fight our wars. They love their country for better and for worse and are  always proud of America.

 To get an identification with Obama is more difficult. He has no roots. His mother was from Kansas, his father was from Kenya. He’s black. He grew up in Hawaii, which are almost a foreign country, and Indonesia. He attended the Faculty of Law at Harvard and has a very sophisticated language. But he’s aware of the problem and has tried to develop a new language in this campaign: not the language of rights and demands, but the common goal of religion and of the traditional American optimism.

November 28, 2008

Armed Banks Campaign

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Surfing on the Internet, I ended up to read an interesting article about support of weapons export by banks. I discovered entire sites about this topic and the existence of a huge movement called “Campagna Banche Armate” (Armed Banks Campaign).  It recently denounced a serious and undue review of the Relation about weapons export. This report comes from the father Alex Zanotelli (director of Mosaico di Pace), father Nicola Colasuonno (of Missione Oggi) and father Franco Moretti (Nigrizia), who asked the Presidency of Council to publish the indications of the single operations authorized by the Ministry of Economy and Finance to the Credit Institutes about weapons export in 2007.

It’s a list (called “Riepilogo in dettaglio suddiviso per Istituti di Credito) requested by the law 185 of 1990 which controls the field and it is necessary to know the monetary value, the foreign opposing party of operations authorized by banks and to know the correspondence between authorizations released by the Department of Treasure and those ones released by Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Without this report we could only know the monetary value of the operations, but we would be completely unaware of which countries are currently making business with Italian production of weapons and this would also place all the banks to the same level , as responsible in weapons trading.

Thanks to that list, in the past, we got to know some important informations: for example, in 2006, the payment for 8 helicopters AW139 sold by Agusta to United Arab Emirates (value of 66 million Euros) was made through the Banco di Brescia (now UBI Banca); in 2006, also, Agusta entrusted Banca Intesa (now Intesa-Sanpaolo) with the collection for selling 4 helicopters CH47C (value of 58,9 million Euros). Some months later, these groups became more restrictive and decided to interrupt all the services which would have supported the arms trade. But nowadays, without the official report, they can’t see the official document released by the Ministry which could certificate their new positions. 

October 18, 2008

Beretta SO10: the aesthetic beauty of weapons

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When we talk about weapons, we all first think to their terrifying (and even fascinating) connection with death and fear. But recently I asked to myself: can a gun be even an expression of beauty and aesthetic elegance?

I got the answer as soon as I saw a picture of the Beretta SO10. Not only an instrument of defence/attack, but a true object of design in which you can notice high aesthetic taste and luxury quality.

The famous Beretta SO series hunting and competition shotguns have earned their reputation for being the most functional, elegant and exclusive over-and-unders in the world.
The new SO10 over-and-under is a synthesis of aesthetic refinement, function and performance that place it at the peak of the world’s prestigious over-and-under offerings.  

The receiver of the Beretta SO10 over-and-under blends elegantly with the classic tapered external profile of the Beretta barrels. The top moldings have been gracefully slimmed to offer the best lateral vision during aiming.


The absence of pins and screws on the surface of the receiver let the master engraver a complete freedom in expressing his full creativity. The polishing of the surfaces is done entirely by hand. 


The internal mechanism of the side plates is embellished by a fine hand-engraving inspired by the same motif of the external decoration. The final result is a genuine jewel.

The top lever has been elongated and positioned closer to the breech face to make  the opening of the barrels smoother.  The absence of a retaining screw on the top lever has given a wider surface that can be engraved.

The extended trigger guard is manufactured from a solid block of steel. Encased within the grip, it adds a further touch of elegance to the shotgun.

The slender and elegant fore-end is further embellished by the newly designed fore-end catch lever with hidden retaining screws.



Beretta team operates in perfect synergy and with a common goal:  to realize a classic shotgun that is also modern, aesthetically superior, lightweight, perfectly balanced and capable of guaranteeing impeccable performance for generations to come.

The walnut wood used to craft the stock and fore-end is carefully singled out  for its grain quality, color and strength. Then, the stock-maker works only with his skill and his ability with the age-old tools. The checkering of the wooden parts is also handmade and provides a functional anti-slip grip surface. Lastly come polishing with repeated coats of oil or wax applied by hand to enhance the grain, color and brightness of the wood.

The exquisite engravings that decorate the Beretta SO10 over-and-under are completely hand executed by highly qualified master engravers. The customers can choose one of the six different engraving patterns; and when this work of art is completed, the engraver’s signature guarantees the status of the shotgun as a unique expression of the gun-maker’s art. 

Beretta SO10 is the proof that a jewel could be also something to be grasped, not only an expression of luxury to be worn. 

October 15, 2008

FAR System by Tanfoglio

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Some of my friends are very fond of weapons and I recently asked them a new nice argument for this blog. They suggested me to visit the website of Tanfoglio ( I already knew this brand of gun manufacturing because its products are very famous in sport competitions and for personal defense. Tanfoglio is a factory located in Gardone Val Trompia (Brescia), Italy, and is mainly well-known for its broad sport pistols catalog. Tanfoglio firearms are sold in Europe, but are also imported into US and Australia.

Surfing on the website you can obviously have a general view of the catalog and a general look of the history of the brand. But what I was most interested in was the article about a new technology discovered and developed right by Tanfoglio: FAR System, which was patented by the Italian architect Antonio Cudazzo.  

FAR System is a new concept about the munitions for semi-automatic guns. It’s really a system, not only a series of new calibers. We can describe it as munitions with bottoms of shells much thicker than they usually are.

This lets a normal gun with geometric closure of Browning-Petter turn into a gun with a mass closure, without any mechanic bonds between barrel and shutter. This way, the bullet can leave the barrel with fewer pressures.

caliber 9mm FAR, same technical and dimensional features of the model COMBAT

FAR 2000:caliber 9mm FAR, same technical and dimensional features of the model COMBAT

The benefits in FAR System are substantially a higher speed, a better ballistic precision and a higher reliability in functioning.  


I described this new system because it was interesting to notice that the external design of the guns wasn’t modified by Tanfoglio, but an internal modification of technology led the company to be extremely innovating; this series of 9 and 10mm firearms is so the first in the world in using this extraordinary system to get a higher efficiency in the research of perfection.


The FAR LIMITED 2000 has got the same technical and dimensional features of the COMBAT model; it's a caliber 9mm FAR

FAR LIMITED 2000: caliber 9mm FAR, same technical and dimensional features of the model LIMITED CUSTOM HC

October 11, 2008


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Super Lynx 300

Super Lynx 300


When I first thought of an Italian excellence in production of weapons, I had on my mind the imagine of AgustaWestland helicopters.

Agusta S.p.a. is an Italian aeronautical factory which works in the production of helicopters and convertiplanes. It was founded by Giovanni Agusta, a pioneer in aviation, in 1923; and its registered office is in Cascina Costa, near Varese.

AugustaWestland was born in 2000 by the fusion of Agusta and GKN-Westland Helicopters.  Now it is totally controlled by Finmeccanica group. It is famous all over the world and it makes business with many governments to improve their military services.

Recently it signed a contract of 260 million euros with Qatar Armed Forces for the supply of 18 helicopters AW139. They will support the corps in missions like transport of troops, research and help, borders patrolling, operations of special corps and for national security.

Besides, we can mention an important order of 51 helicopters Agusta A129 Mangusta for the Turkey Army, in the new and national version T129 Erdogan.  

Apache AH MK1

Apache AH MK1

And one of the latest orders for the company is the US101, the version of the helicopter EH101 for Northern America. The White House ordered a super-personalized version, which will transport the President of the United States in 2009. The Pentagon wanted the helicopter to undergo more than 800 modifications from the old aircraft proposed by Lockeed and Finmeccanica in 2005.



It is a proven product, representing the lowest risk solution to the President, the US101 is a modern military helicopter equipped with triple-redundant systems , including three powerful engines, and the capacity for further capability growth over time.

 To get more infos about the products of the factory, visit the websites:


October 8, 2008


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Some months ago I read an article on the newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore. It was about the export of Italian weapons, which increased again in 2007 of 9,4% to 2369 million Euros.

This article was based on the annual Report to Parliament of Conceal Presidency. The increase is important because it’s just after a period of huge growing: in fact, in 2006, the value of licenses of export released by the ministry of Foreign Affairs increased of 61%.

Very important is the order to Pakistan for anti-aircraft defense systems and to Turkey for patrollers and naval artilleries.

The first factory for value is Mbda Italia, a society which belongs to Finmeccanica group and is specialized in  missiles, with 442,9 millions for selling to Pakistan the Spada anti-aircraft missiles. In the hit list of the countries that import Italian weapons, we can find Pakistan (471,6 millions), followed by Finland, Turkey, Great Britain and United States.

The second factory for exportation is Intermarine in the naval field. Then, we can mention also Fincantieri, Agusta-Westland and Oto Melara.

 What I was most interested in, apart all this numbers and percentiles, is how Italians could be so strong in the market of weapons and how people in this country is so misinformed about this production.

I guess the answer lays in the fact that most of our production is destined to export, so our internal market is not as broad as it could be, for example, in the United States.

There are strict laws about weapons detention in Italy, so that people is extremely discouraged in buying guns or rifles. Now, I’m not here to judge whether these laws are fair or not, just to mention them as a cause of the misinformation and relative shortage of internal market.

Another cause, obviously, could be the fact that talking about weapons and war always causes eternal discussions that often end in political and commercial interests. It’s certainly a “raw nerve” that nobody wants to touch because it could give pain to the entire public opinion.

Italian factories are so forced to sell their products to other countries, but following the typical Italian care for quality and precision. This is why they are always more well-known all over the world and a larger number of governments and industries want to make business with them. 

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